Health benefits of honey

What is raw honey?

Raw honey is pure honey. Raw honey, also known as pure or unfiltered, is not filtered or pasteurized. It is not treated honey. If you bought honey from a local beekeeper, it could be raw honey.

What is raw honey?

Raw Honey vs Honey

The main difference between raw honey and honey is the level of processing. Commercial honey is pasteurized or heated to high temperatures and filtered to remove pollen and other impurities. The resulting honey will be stable, smooth and prone to drizzling from bottles. However, heat sterilization also eliminates natural nutrients and honey antioxidants. Since honey is very acidic and a natural antibacterial agent, it does not need to be pasteurized like milk, so many agree that this is not necessary.

Raw Honey vs Honey

Raw Honey Benefits

Help for digestive issues

Honey can be used to treat gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, but there is not much research to show its effectiveness. It has been proven effective in treating H. pylori, the cause of gastric ulcers.

It is also a powerful prebiotic that nourishes beneficial bacteria that live in the intestines. But for digestion but also for general health

Heal wounds

Honey is an effective disinfectant and is used in medical institutions for wound healing, as it has been discovered that it helps tissue regeneration.

Studies have shown that honey can speed healing and reduce infection. Remember that the honey used in hospitals is of medical quality, therefore it is tested and sterile. It is not a good idea to treat cuts with honey bought at the store.

Soothe a sore throat

Do you have a cold? Try a spoonful of honey. Honey is a cure for sore throat. When cold virus comes to you, add it to hot lemon tea.

It also functions as a cough suppressant. According to research, honey is dextromethorphan Which is a common ingredient of over-the-counter cough medicines Use one or two teaspoons straight.

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